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Blason de Bourgogne Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay AOC

Blason de Bourgogne is the standard-bearer for more than 200 families of winegrowers, all of whom are deeply rooted in the vineyards that stretch from Côte d’Or to Mâconnais. This diversity brings richness and aromatic complexity to the wines. This community of growers invites you to explore the riches of this fabulous region through their wines, the fruit of traditions and viticultural know-how passed down from one generation to the next.

The Maconnais hills form a set of slopes separated by parallel faults that are oriented north, north-east or south south-west. The vineyards are located on calcareous, siliceous, clay rich or sandy soils, often mixed with sandstone pebbles. The result is this juicy and zesty white wine.

For more info, visit Blason de Bourgogne website.

100% Chardonnay


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