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Val d’Oca Prosecco Blu Millesimato Extra Dry “Kosher”

The Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene Val D’Oca is one of the leading producers of Prosecco, the most famous Italian sparkling wine made with Glera grape, cultivated and vinified in the hills of Valdobbiadene, the birthplace of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. However Val d’Oca also produce Prosecco DOC coming from lands in the province of Treviso in a beautiful setting amid rolling hills between Asolo and Conegliano.

Prosecco Blu Millesimato is a terrific sparkling wine with an elegant floral bouquet and a magnificent mousse. Enjoyed chilled, it has the perfect balance between acidity and softness.

This sparkling wine is produced following the Kosher methodology.

Each transfer of the must/wine from one tank to another is carried out in the company, under the supervision of a Rabbi and by observant Jews who carry out all the operations on the indications of the cellar technician. Any procedures performed by others would compromise the entire production tank.
Kosher wine does not require particular processing or aging but is simply supervised during its formation, to avoid contact with substances considered impure.
All systems are washed with boiling water before being used, the filters, if they are made of cellulose, must not contain cereal derivatives (such as starch for example). After being filtered, the must is brought to 85°C for a few seconds and finally the bottling plant is prepared according to Jewish standards: it too is sterilised.

For more info, visit Val D’Oca website.

100% Glera


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