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Cantina Pizzolato Moscato Spumante Dolce Organic Wine

The Pizzolato Winery from three generations is inserted in the agricultural world living together and respecting the natural environment.

This certified organic and vegan Moscato sparkling wine from the “So Easy” line by its nature and characteristics winks at the market segment characterized by younger consumers. The sleeve with which the bottle has been covered, with a floral pattern and completely removable, emphasizes and accentuates the character of this wine obtained from a selection of grapes that follow a Charmat method vinification.

A repeating floral motif on a colorful canvas, the lotus flower that, like a kimono, wraps and squeezes the bottle making it unique and recognizable. Wrapped in a glamorous floral dress that immediately recalls faraway Japan, “So Easy” wines are dedicated to those who want to feel unique, inimitable and trendy. For those who have the rockiest souls and never stop, for the young person who wants to discover, for those who want to experiment, always.

Certified organic and vegan.

For more info, visit Cantina Pizzolato website.

100% Moscato


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