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Disznókö Tokaji Aszú Eszencia (500 ml)

Disznókö is one of the most famous producers of sweet Tokaji in the world.
The estate owns only one large vineyard of about 250 acres, classified in 1772 and planted only with local indigenous grape, in particular Furmint. These wines are considered among the best sweet wines in the world, classified in puttonyos according to their residual sugar levels that express at their best the Hungarian tradition and terroir.

The Aszú grapes (shrivelled grapes affected by noble rot and dried on the vine) are collected manually in wooden hods of 25 kg (Puttonys), then are poured in a vat (136 liters) of must or wine (Gönci-cask), according to a method established in the 17th century.
1993 marks a true renaissance in the wines of Tokaj and of the region, the first great vintage after the political transition and a new era for Disznókő recently purchased by AXA Millésimes.

”The 1993 is a trendsetter above the waves of fashion. And this style is here to stay. The 1993 vintage is a legend in the line of the 1999, 2000 and others. A fantastic vintage with spicy, unctuous wines both complex and fresh with a superb ageing potential. Historic.” – László Mészáros

For more info, visit Disznókö website.

60% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelu, 10% Zéta


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