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Patriarche Nuits-Saint-Georges

The history of Patriarche was written by audacious men and women starting in 1780 in Beaune. The traditional care of the winemaking methods make their wines a bench-marking classic of the regional style with a lot of freshness and great balance.

In the middle of the renowned Côtes de Nuits, called “Champs Elysées” of Burgundy, the Nuits-Saint-Georges vineyards lie on brown limestone soils with varying amounts of clay derived from Jurassic subsoils. This is the paradise for Pinot Noir. Nuits Saint Georges wines are sustained in color and exhibit rich and powerful aromas. The grapes selected for this Cuvée come from the medium of the slope and are bought from wine growers with whom we maintain a long date partnership.

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100% Pinot Noir


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