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Trenel by M.Chapoutier L’Esprit de Marius Sangouard Juliénas Cru de Beaujolais

Maison Trenel has always sought authenticity for both its fruit liqueurs and its wines. Authenticity of the fruit, authenticity of the terroir. The purest expression of their origins. Born from a love of its land with its Burgundy traditions, there are numerous similarities between Maison Trenel and M. Chapoutier, their shared love of excellence being the first.

Located in the extreme north-west of Beaujolais, Le Juliénas de Trénel is a tribute to Marius Sangouard, winemaker of the appellation and unwavering partner of Maison Trénel, and it comes from old vines (50 to 100 years depending on the plots) located in the climates of the Capitans, the Red Cross and the Bois de la Salle.

100% Gamay Noir


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