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Gróf Degenfeld Tokaji Eszencia (250 ml)

The Count Degenfeld family revived its vineyard in Hegyalja in 1994, based on a tradition of more than one hundred and fifty years.
The 100 hectare estate, is set on the Tarcal Terézia Hill, the Mézesmál dűlő near Mád, and on the edge of Mezőzombor. These vineyards belong to the best grape-growing areas in the whole of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

A true curiosity. The essence of Tokaj wine region in one small bottle. This vintage raised excellent quality, concentrated aszú berries. These wine specialties is extremely rare, they can born in very few vintages and only a very small quantity. The number of bottles produced is 599.

For more info, visit Gróf Degenfeld website.

Furmint blend


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