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Château des Arnauds Bordeaux AOC

Vignobles Lassagne gather several family properties that were bought since three generations and are grown according to tradition and innovation on unique terroir located in the Libourne area.
Vignobles Lassagne encompasses these three properties: Château des Arnauds (the original estate), Château des Landes and Château Maltus, the latest addition to the Vignobles Lassagne.

The soils and basements of the Château des Arnauds located in Abzac, are composed of gravel that can be red with a caliber between fine pebble and coarse sand. Sometimes the gravel is mixed with the clay, sometimes they follow one another in layers. The pebbles flush with the surface allow the sun to reflect on the grapes, thus allowing excellent ripeness. This vineyard developed by father Daniel Lassagne, is located on a beautiful, south-facing plateau of red gravel around the town of Abzac, and being a 100% Merlot varietal, it prodeuces a wine of beautiful balance of roundness and structure.

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100% Merlot


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