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Soalheiro Oppaco Alvarinho-Vinhão-Pinot Noir

João António Cerdeira was the first to break from this tradition in Melgaço and planted a full parcel as a continuous vineyard of Alvarinho. Today the third generation family members continue to embrace this spirit of innovation.

Oppaco is the first-ever red wine made by Soalheiro, marking a new chapter in history. The goal was to take an innovative approach to the region’s red wines. It started in 2013 as a blend of two regional grape varieties, red Vinhão (known as Sousão in Douro Region) and white Alvarinho. Today it includes Pinot Noir, as well, to achieve the perfect flavour balance. This combination allows the elegance of Alvarinho and the light, fruit-forward profile of Pinot Noir to tone down the rusticity of Vinhão, producing a delicate and elegant wine with an outstanding balance between tannins, alcohol, and acidity. It is named Oppaco, meaning ‘opaque’, to mark Soalheiro’s venture into the world of red wine.


For more info, visit Soalheiro website.

70% Vinhão,15% Alvarinho,15% Pinot Noir


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